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The definition of an idea by an adapted visual. Access and simplification of the transmitted message. The coordinated development of a visual identity to achieve a professional result. Visual design according to an established briefing, a work through the cloud for the free exchange of information.
A remote management, a communication by telephone, SMS, email, online messaging as well as videos, slides presentations and webconferences to visualize the progress of the project. Our development and exchange work space is in Paris Arts & Jobs. High quality digital prints are available from a wide range of quality printers at the best price. Make known its brand by declining the visual identity by business cards, flyers, posters for a better visibility of the point of sale. Web and mobile internet solutions in UI / UX responsive interface design, parallax modern effects, user exchanges, e-commerce, mobile app design project development, creation app. SEO global SEO to gain customers. Here We GO !
· Branding Identity.
· Print offset HD.
· Designing Websites & App.
· SEO. 
· Marketing Designed Newsletters.
· Business Solutions.
· Digital Marketing.
· Consulting Design Developer SEO.
· Web security.
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Marion - Graphic Designer
Specialist in visual identity. Creation of declined professionnal logotypes , working fast, very reactive and intelligent way in teamworking too on many differents projects.
Matthew -Advertising Graphic Designer
Specialist in visual communication, he transmits a visual message for a commercial purpose. As well as designer and director his domain field extends to publishing, advertising, press.  
Harry - Web Developer
Specialist in web structure development and networks setup, computer engineering training, fast and technical work on various projects. Previously manager of many projects for Paris City Hall and private companies. 

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|Professional Web Creations|
|Design Print & Web| 
News 01
Print and web achievements for the local mini market brand Rapid'Market.
Posters, flyers, graphics web pages professional presentation and global referencing throughout the web.
News 02
Consulting solutions Update of a new eCommerce Clothes Store.
Soldeur du Net
Graphic integration, logo creation, photo retouching, content marketing and professional presentation visuals, flyer publishing, product export marketplaces.

News 03
The associative works for posters, logos, web design projects.
Consulting CV solutions working with individuals for graphic design projects such as CV design, personalized business cards, retouching and photographic repairs.
News 04
Consulting solutions Casa Colibri Hostal situado en Columbia Santa Marta.
Audit Graphic Design of this web site
Casa Colibri
News 05
Marketplace creation of champagnes, wines and spirits
Camp Self
Designed logo, creation of an autonomous marketplace with high-end design. Professional photographic shots presentations outdoor products. SEO and optimized SEO on the entire web. Business Solutions, creating professional pages on social networks. Digital marketing campaign. 
News 06
Graphic achievements for a Barber Shop. Boards illustrations of professional logotypes. 

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