News 01
Resumption of graphic elements, vectorisation and creation of professional pages on Facebook and Google +, production point of sale informations as well, large posters displaying on windows. Photographics shots of the store's sign and sales area to illustrate content marketing of professional pages. Branded webmarketing campaign on Facebook and Google + with the creation of advertising banners, displayed the message on social networks. SEO, global SEO across the web as well as in the city. 

News 02
Update of e-commerce website by independent webmaster, professional photographics retouches, Facebook webmarketing campaign, SunAlpes radio, professionalsocial networks pages, exported products on marketplaces. Business Solutions, Flyer Publishing and HD Digital Printing.


News 03
Designing CV, shooting and photo retouching of photo presentation. Creating a simple header illustration logo. Layout of information according to a precise template. Pictograms of leisure illustrations. Selection of typography to embellish the text. Realization of a chronological timeline. Indicator time and types of position, location of the position. Simplified display of information. Professional layout for interactive display and high quality printing.  Read More...
News 03
Technical audit of the site Casa Colibri and Seo optimisation on search engines. Audit design of the website. Update of the website by the webmaster of Casa Colobri. Photographic shots and photographic retouching to be done to illustrate the website; in high quality. Proposals for commercial and tourist solutions; Tourism registration, various tourist excursions: trek in the jungle, road trip in 4X4, scuba diving, paragliding, local tourist visits, expansion of the premises, music bar area, djing and space card games, chess, babyfoot, billiards . Digital marketing page social networks and website.  Read More ...
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